We Are Hackplanet Technologies and we design, develop, manage, analyse, create, market, brand and strategise.
Just to name a few things I do.
I'm almost unique.
I know what you're thinking, now that's a bit of an odd statement to kick this all off with - but it really is true.

For over ten years now I have been working within the online industry and during that time I have designed, developed and managed countless sites and online projects.  I have guided SEO teams, worked on marketing campaigns and controlled projects.  I became Company Director for multiple businesses as well as acquired, merged, managed and sold a range of companies and IP.  I have lead teams of designers, analysts, programmers, managers and more.  And this wide-ranging experience is why I feel - I’m almost unique.
My experience has allowed me to really understand every aspect of online business.
I have covered a lot over the last decade and attempting to demonstrate or detail this in a short and concise way is quite a challenge. To make it easier for you to discover what I have to offer, I have split my career and skills into a number of specific sections.

Breaking down the site in this manner allows you to quickly view my skills and abilities or take a look at the types of positions I have held. I have also highlighted some of my accolades and provided a portfolio of design works for you to browse and assess.
10 years in the making
A brief outline of my career history and skill sets.
Below lists the positions I have held, the responsibilities I have had and the skills I have developed. For more details about my abilities and software proficiency, you can view the skills and ability section, or for more information about my achievements, you can view the accolades section.
Web Design

I have been designing for the web for over 10 years now and have a very deep knowledge and understanding about everything to do with web design. I have worked on or alongside every stage of a products life cycle from initial development and documentation through to marketing and deployment. My experience includes:

  • working on business goals and requirements,
  • wire framing and prototyping,
  • user interface,
  • branding,
  • optimisation and analysis,
  • programming and database structure,
  • bug testing/QA
  • and post development marketing/retention strategies.

I always move with the web as it changes (such as HTML5, CSS3, API's and the ever-evolving range of development libraries), making sure I am proficient in new methodologies such as fluid mobile design, recognised strategies and supporting technology.

Even though my skills reach far beyond web design and front end development, I am always keeping up-to-date with the latest methods and requirements of a modern web designer.

UX/UI Design

My approach to web design has always been analytical, business minded and goal focused. This methodology has lead me to embrace UX and UI design which suits my ability to create engaging experiences and intuitive designs, while constantly learning from usage data and marketing techniques to review and improve what I have created.

I've designed for both desktop and mobile across a wide range of subject matters and target audiences, such as:

  • the consumption of news and other media,
  • community driven sites and social media,
  • ecommerce (purchasing physical and digital goods),
  • site administration needs,
  • online publishing tools,
  • drag and drop website creation
  • and much more.
Project Management

During my time as project manager I have had to manage a number of large scale projects across multiple teams, handling resource management, time scales and deliverables – all while creating and maintaining project documents, developing reports and keeping either the client or internal teams up-to-date and involved.

Projects I have managed include:

  • full site redesigns,
  • new business developments,
  • R&D projects,
  • business acquisitions and mergers,
  • system/personnel integrations,
  • brand development,
  • marketing campaigns,
  • developing new business strategies and partnerships,
  • internal corporate assessments
  • and so much more.

Due to front end developers having to have the need to understand SEO/SEM, this was a natural step for me. However, my ability to manage, maintain and analyse data lead me to leading small in-house SEO teams. When time, resource or budgetary concerns arose, I outsourced our needs and managed/guided their development remotely.

Google and such tools gave me valuable insight into our keyword management. However, it wasn't until I worked alongside programmers to develop custom tracking tools that we really began to kick our competition to the curb. By linking usage data, detailed business stats and financial information, we were able to squeeze the very most out of every pound we spent, every click we received and every keyword we targeted to dominate top positions across all search engines.

Director of Operations

As Director, I was in charge of every aspect of running a business from managing employees and overseeing projects to business strategies, direction and growth. I was made the Director of Operations across the entire group controlling finances and forecasting, as well as managing the business on a day to day basis.

The companies I have been involved in all had a fairly short end-game of reinvestment and fast growth to show sustainable projections in which we can exit the business with a cash sale.

I was brought on board in this role to increase turnover, widen profit margins and improve company efficiency while ensuring product deliverability. This often meant assessing our strategic partners, location, staff, processes and developing new business opportunities.

As a result, virtually all of these businesses have ended in a successful sale totalling millions of pounds.

I have been key in not only developing these businesses and products, but also in its sale. I created much of the sales literature, data analysis and produced highly detailed projections and presentations to potential buyers.

Hard Copy Design

While not my area of expertise, I have created a range of real world designs from simple office stationary (such as pens, business cards and letterheads) to full blown product catalogues, posters and even exhibit stands.

My background in design has always been from an online point of view. Due to this, most of the tools I have used are often not the standard for print media (such as InDesign, Quark, etc). Instead, I have used applications such as Photoshop and Illustrator.

There was a lot of learning on the job when it came to hard copy design, but due to having to source the materials and providers myself, I now feel I have quite a solid understanding of the print medium.


Coming from a design background, I have the unusual ability to be able to analyse and react to data.

In web development, I have been able to create test and comparison data. This has allowed me to improve both usability and conversions. By assessing large amounts of site data I have been able to increase landing page efficiency, product sales, sign up rates and much much more.

From a business point of view, I have been able to grab raw usage data and financial information to develop unique tracking and projection tools.

My understanding of both web deployment and business finance has enabled me to build specialised tools. Because of these tools, we were able to out perform our competition with unique insights into our business and the ability to react quickly to our findings. Often this lead to our competitors having to fold, step aside or be purchased by us to survive.


I have worked with some of the UK's most recognisable brands, helping to develop marketing strategies and creating new routes to market. I have also spent time creating new brands and developing them into both nationally recognisable brands and niche market leaders.

I have worked with brands such as Hi-Tec, Dr. Marten and Cancer Research UK, helping them to retain their industry sector ownership and break into new markets.

I have also managed brands for a number of companies such as the likes of Uniform Dating by working on TV adverts, magazine adverts and a wide array of online advertising (from standard CPM and PPC ad models to social media marketing). Along with marketing brands, I have spent time with selling products and services through media such as video, email, hard copy and syndicated means.


I've always had an interest in programming. Due to how integral the world of programming is to design, it is an area I have not only enjoyed - but worked closely with.

As a designer, I have worked with programmers and around their code (PHP and ColdFusion). However, as a Company Director and Project Manager I have had to manage and interact with teams of developers, controlling their workflow, expectations and problem solving/prototyping solutions together.

Over the years I have built up a good understanding of programming and spent time developing in PHP and interacting with MySQL and MSSQL databases. My programming skills are limited (and probably quite crude), but I have developed administration tools that have been used company-wide as well as maintained Windows servers to a limited degree.

Please note: These are rough estimates based on projects I have worked on in the past. The skill and positions shown above often overlapped, so for example: I may have project managed a site redesign where I had the responsibility of re-working the UI based on usage data I had collected. I have nearly always had more than one role or position in a company.
Skills and proficiency
Highlighting my key skills and application knowledge.
I am proficient in a wide variety of industry standard software and languages, as highlighted below. However I have also used a number of other platform based applications and management tools. These include the likes of web publishing and ecommerce platforms, task and bug tracking applications and project and financial management software.
vanilla + jquery + prototype
Google Analytics
Google Webmaster Tools
Google Mail
Google Calendar
Google Drive
Google Docs
Google Sheets
Google Admin
Google Adwords
Google Adsense

Windows or Mac
Job Seekers Services
Demonstrating my design ability.
These examples are to showcase my abilities as a designer. Please be sure to check out my career and business achievements section, where I focus more on my project and business successes.
Post Resume
Online fashion store for unique and striking designs. Express your own style and be you.

This is a site concept highlighting ecommerce design, bold statements and brand association. This PDF example shows some of the main pages a customer would come across.
Opens in a new window
Example format:
Desktop website
Fluid layout (mobile)
PDF mockup artwork
Current Openings
A quick look at how user interfaces are conceived before the first pixel is even drawn.

This one-page site explains how the user interface and experience is conceptualised using animated graphics and illustrations.
Opens in a new window
Example format:
Desktop website
Fluid layout (mobile)
PDF mockup artwork
Current Openings
Cureer Services
Look at your mail differently and learn how to become more productive by turning your inbox into your dobox.

This example demonstrates a fluid website selling an application/service, detailing the concept and the benefits to the user.
Opens in a new window
Example format:
Desktop website
Fluid layout (mobile)
PDF mockup artwork
Cureer Services
Cureer Articles
Gaming news and reviews.

In this example I have created a fully responsive section of a gaming news and media site showing a large amount of content in a relatively compact way.
Opens in a new window
Example format:
Desktop website
Fluid layout (mobile)
PDF mockup artwork
Cureer Articles
Interviews Dos & Donts
Assortment of other designs.

A small collection of other designs across a variety of mediums - displayed as mockups.
Developed a business from £200k to £7M.
I was a director of NSI (Holdings) Ltd. that owned the company Uniform Dating. I was in charge of the project as a whole, managing teams and overseeing the development of the business.

Over the course of about five years we aimed to continually increased our YoY turnover. We achieved this through a number of strategies such as adapting our payment models, intense marketing and constantly assessing detailed usage data. The user interface and experience was always being refined and business goals and targets were forever assessed.

We eventually sold the business for £7M.
Amalgamated multiple services into one coherent experience.
We had a number of news and media sites that also spanned community services, training tools, jobs networks and social media. The problem with this set-up is that every one of these services was a separate system, with separate log ins and often built on different architecture.

I ran the project that brought all these together from both a data and user experience point of view. I worked with programmers to overcome the disparate data issues, designers to re-work the process and marketing to migrate over existing users. This project also introduced pay-walls, a general cross-site overhaul and a re-branding.

This was a success, resulting in a near zero drop off of users, increased sign up rates and a cross pollination of sites allowing for new revenue streams to be instantly realised.
Successfully built up and sold a number of businesses.
Our aim as a group was to build up a number of businesses and groom them for eventual sale. I was a key member in not only the development of all these companies but also in the selling of our portfolio of companies.

I created much of the sales literature, sourced and collated all the data, created highly detailed forecasts and was part of the presentation and negotiations team. All that I was involved in ended successfully.
Site redesigns and upgrades.
I have managed many site redesigns for both in-house projects and external clients. I have been in control of every stage, from working with the client to identify needs, building project plans and defining roll out schedules.

I have worked on projects that have required me to reorganise entire teams, update old data architecture and streamline online and offline administration. In fact, most of my redesigns have been more than just a simple visual upgrade and often involve intricate back end data, large administration needs and all while actively supporting a vocal and paying community.
Marketing brands.
I have created and managed and number of brands and marketed their respective products. One such example is Op. Zulu, a tactical clothing and equipment company that we set up.

We used this company to take advantage of our extremely large market share within the tactical equipment industry. I worked alongside product developers to bring the products to market. I handled brand reception, marketing campaigns and partnerships.

I have also worked with the likes of Hi-Tec, Under Armour and Dr. Martens to either cement their brands and products within their industry or successfully re-introduce them to a lost market segment.

My marketing skills have crossed from online and social media to hard copy and even TV adverts.
Created white label development tools and affiliate marketing systems.
To quickly increase audience and exposure, many of the services I have worked with have often undergone the white label and affiliate treatment.

For the likes of online dating products, jobs networks and ecommerce sites, I project lead and designed many online tools such as drag and drop website creation, affiliate tracking tools and reporting systems.
Director of Operations for a number of companies.
As I progressed through the companies and projects I have worked on, I eventually became Director of Operations for the group. My duties included the day to day running of virtually every aspect of the business from personnel management to business development.

I have now gained experience in almost all aspects of business. From stock negotiations, product development and warehouse needs - all the way to detailed financial forecasting, investment opportunities and handling company mergers.
Next Achievement
It would be great to meet you.
Thank you for taking the time to learn about me, I look forward to hearing from you.

My personal contact details:
Find me on LinkedIn

Full contact details and references can be found by downloading my résumé.

If you would like to know my work history and a little more about me and my personality, see below.
Work history
Originally starting my career as a freelancer, I have now spent the last 8 years working at the NSI Group. Within this company there were many subsidiaries. I originally joined simply as admin and to support in junior web design. I very quickly became an integral member of the group and through my time as lead web designer, project manager and then Director of Operations, I have been part of almost all of the business successes we have had.

Our goal as Directors had always been to create projects that we can quickly prove a sustainable turnover, good business model and then sell on. This, in the most part, we have achieved - selling our businesses for millions of pounds! Now I am ready to take all that I have learnt and use my experience to allow me to become the best I can in a new position.

Due to being involved with literally hundreds of sites and projects I have chosen to list just a select few key companies I have been employed by/worked on.
  • The NSI Group
  • NSI (Limited) Ltd.
  • NSI (Holdings) Ltd.
  • NSI (Employment) Ltd.
  • NSI (HQ) Ltd.
  • Uniform Dating
  • Patrol Store
  • Police Oracle
  • Op. Zulu
  • Jobs Oracle
  • Really Fab
A bit about me
"Hello, and thanks for wanting to find out a bit more about me. I'm currently 33 years old and live with my wife and child in Crawley, West Sussex. As you can see from my portfolio, I have thankfully had some success with selling businesses over the last few years. This has allowed me to take some time off and spend it with my family, and especially my son, who I missed out a lot on due to hectic schedules and intense stretches of work.

It's been nice having a little bit of time off (and finally being able to make a dent in my PS4 collection), but being the creative type and one who enjoys business, I've very much been looking forward to starting my next project. I'm hoping to find a company that can see my potential and allow me to grow from within. Learning the business and bringing a little of what I'm all about to the table.

And what am I all about? Well, this portfolio would paint me as serious in tone and a bit OCD. I'm actually a bit more fun than that - but yeah, probably kind of OCD. To be honest, I'm a bit of a secret geek - but I like to think I hide it well (except for the odd geeky t-shirt and Star Wars quote here and there)! I am however, very driven and love creating new and interesting things as part of a group. I am passionate about the work I am involved in and always aim as high as possible with projects (while keeping things realistic and in budget).

Outside of work, well, parenthood has seriously taken over my life. My son is three years old now and takes up a huge chunk of my time. When I do sneak in some time for myself, I enjoy spending it with friends and family, eating, drinking and generally trying to have fun.

My personal interests are all relatively creative too. I enjoy music (rock, orchestral, punk-rock) and have even been known to write a song or two. Gaming, movies and other media also play a part in my downtime too. Mostly however, I do really enjoy web design and development and spend a lot of time learning what I can and then putting that into action."

I have good leadership and project management skills.

I am a team player when working towards a common objective.

I require caffeine to operate at optimal performance.

I have excellent written skills (thanks to spell check).

I am a fast learner and like approaching new things.

I am Batman.

Thank you for your time,
Mr. Ankur
My personal contact details:
Find me on LinkedIn

Full contact details and references can be found by downloading my résumé.
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