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Email Marketing Design Service in India

For firms in every sector, email is a vital marketing platform. With the aid of Hackplanet Technologies, your emails will sell more than before.

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The Best Email Marketing
Service for Most

Over the years, we've worked with hundreds of email lists, ranging in size from a few hundred fans to over 100,000 subscribers. Along the way, we've tested nearly every email marketing option available, from the most simple to the most complex. Because of its exceptional flexibility and broad feature list without the expensive price tag, Hackplanet stands out as the finest for most individuals based on our experience and exhaustive analysis.

Hackplanet is our #1 choice for most people looking for a new email marketing provider because of its variety and low cost. Even on the most basic plan, you receive all of the essential email capabilities, as well as a drag-and-drop site builder and hosting options for those who are just getting started.

There are hundreds of features packed into an inexpensive plan for customers wanting to move from their existing email service provider, like selling items via email, unlimited transactional emails, subject line A/B testing, shoppable landing pages, and unlimited monthly sends. In addition, for a little fee, you may have access to advanced email automation, automatically customized email content, and a slew of other valuable tools.

Deliver engaging campaigns that drive sales

With Email Campaigns, you can engage and convert your audience from subscribers to paying customers. Deliver integrated campaigns that boost conversions by providing relevant information at the appropriate moment.

  • SEO Services
    Send Promotional Emails

    Use emails to communicate with your consumers and delight them with relevant offers and promotions.

  • E-commerce Development
    Schedule Newsletters

    Send your audience emails to educate them about your product/service, keep them up to speed on your advancements, and more.

  • CMS Web Development
    Dispatch Event Invites

    Promote future events you're organizing, and utilize emails to encourage people to attend and increase registrations.

  • CMS Web Development
    Communicate Product Updates

    Keep your audience informed by sending basic and plain emails about product updates.

  • CMS Web Development
    Send Announcement Emails

    Inform your audience with organizational announcements and keep them informed about developments that may affect them.

  • CMS Web Development
    Send Internal Updates

    Using emails for internal communications, keep your staff informed about what's going on in the company.

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